Stick Hero from Ketchapp is a simple but addictive game, with very simple mechanics but very challenging and difficult to master. It’s the kind of game that can sometimes prove to be more than frustrating but will leave you playing again and again. The premise is simple: create a stick long enough for your stick hero to cross the next platform, but it’s not as easy as it seems.

If the stick is too long, he’ll fall off, and if the stick is too short he’ll also fall off. In other words the stick’s length has to be just right, and that’s more challenging than in seems, and the reason is Stick Hero randomly changes the distance of the platforms, including their width.

What this means is that your Stick Hero could be on a wide platform now and end up on a very narrow one the next time. This naturally makes running very difficult, and it gets hard trying to figure out the length your stick needs to be. The game is kind of like an endless runner in the sense that your goal is to see how many platforms your hero can cross.

While Stick Hero is difficult, it’s a can’t put down game, and the graphics are very suitable for this kind of game. The bottom line is that Stick Hero is an exciting, addictive game that will have you playing for hours. It’s got the fun elements of endless runners as well as the fun challenges of Flappy Bird-like games, so if that’s your thing grab this one.

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