It’s mystic. It’s folk. It’s soothing. Paper AeroplanesSouvenirs collates all the good elements of alternative folk, creating a stellar four-piece EP for music lovers to enjoy.

Hailing from Milford Haven, Wales, Paper Aeroplanes is the brainchild of Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn. “Our music is about human connection, about the secret inner workings of our brains and relationships,” says Howells on their Noisetrade page.

Through well-penned lines, the duo visualizes their inner thoughts into good music, as seen in their first track, Flee. Intricate folk strings are intertwined with ghostly vocals that imbibe a certain fragility and charm. The quality of Howells’ voice is a perfect match for this kind of genre, creating melodies that flow naturally through the ears.

We Are Ghosts features a purely acoustic arrangement with serene vocals that twist and turns into a wonderful jungle of inflections, falsettos and just the right amount of rasp.

Closing the album is Red Rover, a slow-burning piece that opens in a dark-hued arrangement, seamlessly flowing to piercing verses and gargantuan melodies.

For alternative folk lovers or those looking for fresh good music without the frills, download Souvenirs and let Paper Aeroplanes take you to dreamy soundscapes.


Track List:
1. Flee
2. We Are Ghosts
3. Time to Be
4. Red Rover

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