One of our favorite artists, Emmy Curl, takes a fresh new approach to her impeccable music. It is always a pleasure to listen to someone who is not afraid of change, and Cherry Luna perfectly embodies the artist’s hunger to continually redesign her brand.

This eight-track collection introduces an edgier, sharper Emmy Curl who dances in the middle of pulsing beats and eccentric instrumentation.


Kicking things off is Departure (feat Darko). Fleeting samples of chirping birds are starkly contrasted with sporadic drum beats, which add texture to natural sounds. Emmy Curl enters with the her unique timbre that ties all the elements together.

Take spacey atmosphere and ethereal sounds, combine it with electric tunes and edgy riddims and you’ve got I’m Just Feeling So Hollow. This piece balances between an ambient and upbeat tempo, creating the perfect anthem for chill-out evenings.

I Belong To This Purpose treats the listener with a pleasurable mix of dreamy pop and trip hop samples. Listen as each gentle salvo of sound comes at you in subtle, pulsing waves.

There are some technical wizardry in Skycrapers, which is a purely instrumental track that integrates throbbing sounds with bumping energetic beats. While Night Sky brings the best of what Emmy Curl can offer—soothing delivery and unique, fresh arrangement. Press play and let this track bring zest to your dull moments.

Marlvoro wraps up the album with periodic beats and spacey, electro tunes. This song encapsulates Emmy Curl’s new sound, as it successfully transcends into an edgier tempo without leaving the artist’s love for ambient, dreamy soundscapes.

Cherry Luna is a breakthrough album that triumphantly highlights quality, mosaic arrangement and creative risks. Emmy Curl is more cosmic than ever, and we are eager to hear more of this stylistic venture.

Track List:
1. Departure (feat. Darko)
2. I’m Just Feeling So Hollow
3. Pisces
4. I Belong To This Purpose
5. Giant
6. Skyscrapers
7. Night Sky
8. Marlvoro

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