Not everything is politics in Venezuela. Everybody needs to take one look at the music, art and film being made in the country to know that the culture is at one of its best moments, no matter how bad or frustrating the political scene may seem. Everybody keeps giving life to great artistic projects and it seems it will be this way for a while.
Sunsplash, is the musical project of Venezuelan producer and former Todosantos member Alberto Stangarone. He is back with a new EP called 13. This also represents his first record on Mexican soil.

Alberto Stangarone is an artist that has been around for some time, producing his own mix of future/fruit/pop sounds as I like to call it. Being heavily influenced by electronic music, tropical bass, Venezuelan slag and pop beats but always with a smooth R&B/Pop feeling to it.

The number 13 is a karmic number. Number 13 is the number of upheaval so that new ground can be broken. Adapting to change will bring out the number 13 vibration.

The Album:
La Punta: a track that could easily be in one of his first records; with it’s signature style all over it. If you don’t know him I think this is a great track to listen in order to get acquainted with the artist and his music. It brings out the best of his UK influences and the classic Venezuelan slag. My personal favorite.

Boy: On boy he changed. This is the first single from the EP that features a collaboration with singer Pia Paez as well as with an electronic artist Ferraz. This song takes him to a whole new different place; it takes him out of his comfort zone. A song full of pop melodies and R&B references, with fat plastic synths that fill the room.

Can’t wait to see where this EP takes Alberto and his new adventure in Mexico.


Track Listing
1. La Punta ft Alissa María
2. Boy ft Pía Paez & Ferraz
3. Delfines 04:59
4. Lucero ft Ferraz
5. Chimes ft Gabriel Figueira

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