Indie-electronic Virginia-based artist So Spirited once again crafted another masterpiece of 12-track mood changing ambient music that shifts from cheerful to a sudden melancholic beats. With just a tender and sweet echoing vocals, the entirely instrumental Broken Limbs, Forgotten Hymn album conveys a wide range of emotions taking shapes to a mysterious and sincerely warm melody.

Tracks like ‘Howls’,’Hymns’,’Red Feather’, ‘This Vessel’, ‘Fever’ and ‘Ash’ with a down tempo and tranquilizing beats come over like a chant of sirens from the depths; whispering, persuading to become one with the water.
It’s atmospheric tune emphasized by a mixture of slow synths and light brass instruments rippled and stirred by a nostalgic female vocal gives an inductive goose bumps through and through. While tracks like ‘Making Circles’, ‘Atlantik’,’With Fire’, ‘Golden Sparks’ and ‘We are Brave’ with upbeat and playful synths give a sense of adventure by taking its listener to a journey-of-who-knows or levitating one to outer space while admiring the beauty of the cosmos.

So Spirited is one of the rare indie-electro music artists that has the ability to drip affection and touches one’s soul thru their music – in this era where people often forget.

Track Lists:
1. With Fire
2. Making Circles
3. Hymns
4. This Vessel
5. Howl
6. Poison Oak
7. Ash
8. Red Feather
9. We Are Brave
10. Atlantik
11. Golden Sparks
12. Fevers

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