Cape Coral, who made his debut in 2013, makes music under Business Casual – an internet label that has come to be known for its prolific vapor-wave output. While there are many who claim that the genre has outlived its hype and demand, Business Casual, with releases like Cape Coral’s latest Slowed Midnight, exists to point otherwise.

Listening to Slowed Midnight, from beginning to end, isn’t far from experiencing a raucous 80s disco party. Each track is bright, vigorously upbeat and loaded with vibrant synth washes. Sampled straight from Cape Coral‘s huge vinyl collection (which he often brag about on social media), the synth riffs and percussion lines used on Slowed Midnight appear to us as the relics of a neon-lit age when partying to music was all that mattered. Listeners old enough to remember the retro era, may also find themselves swept over by a sense of yearning and nostalgia.

Favorite Track: Personality, Lovely Slut

Track List
1. Intro 01:00
2. Lovely Slut 04:03
3. RITMO. (Feat. 悲しい Android – Apartment¶) 02:35
4. Gravitar 03:41
5. Could This Be Love 04:06
6. Chest Pop 02:57
7. Personality 03:06
8. Malibu Club 03:31
9. Tropica ’83 02:39
10. Moon Patrol 04:12
11. Glacial Floor 04:05
12. M i d n i g h t . R u n 03:14
13. Cruisin’in 04:35
14. Querelle 02:51

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