Clicker Heroes from R2 Games belongs in the category of clickers, those casual games you can play with one finger and a few taps here and there. The game has been around for a while after first becoming popular on Steam, and now being available on mobile. So far, from the looks of it, the transition for this character building clicker game is pretty smooth.

Your actions or the lack of it determines how much gold you get, what spells you possess and also the type of upgrade your heroes can get. You start slowly, tapping goblins and other small opponents to kill them and earn gold. The gold is used to buy an adventure and the more you tap the more feats your hero can perform.

As the game goes on the adventures get harder so you’re going to need more gold. Get enough and you’ll have powerful heroes who attack enemies automatically, and that’s how Clicker Heroes goes: your heroes obtain gold and you use that for upgrades and skill improvements, and you can help this by tapping on the screen.

You have to kill 10 enemies to move up, and not surprisingly enemies need more hits to die at he higher levels. In addition there’s a big boss every ten levels, plus there’s a time limit for lowering your enemies’ hit points, so you need to be quick. The boss designs, as well as the entire game actually, are colorful and perfectly suitable for this type of game. If you love the web version then you’re going to enjoy Clicker Heroes on mobile.

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