Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game is exactly that, a clicker, or tapping game. Developed by Alegrium, you just need to tap the screen to create structures and gather artifacts. There’s a simple story built in, but at heart this is a tapping game that’s easy to get into and hard to put down.

You are the Almighty, ruler of a powerful realm. However, a catastrophic event has almost completely destroyed it. To make matters worse, there is an entity coming that is robbing you of your powers.

This is where you come in: all you need to do is start tapping the screen. This allows you to get new followers who’ll pray to you. The more followers you have the more powers and skills you regain. Keep tapping the screen and you will have enough followers to unlock a statue. These statues help generate more prayers, adding to those you get when tapping.

You can upgrade your taps to gain more power, plus you can use mana, a potent elixir, to unlock perks and bonuses. There is also a Pillars of Prayer that you can unlock, and you can even get up to 120 prayers or more with one tap once you advance.

Almighty, like other tapping games, has a simple concept. Here you just tap, tap, tap to unlock features, structures, power and abilities. It is simple and fun, which is what a good tapping game should be. If you’re into casual mobile games and just want to relax relax, you may want to pick this up.

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