Abyssrium from Cheetah Mobile is the latest tapper / clicker on mobile, but unlike its more frenetic counterparts, it has a more relaxed atmosphere. Yes you’ll need to click, or on mobile, tap repeatedly to acquire and do things, but in this case it doesn’t feel stressful and actually immerses you in this strange and beautiful world.

Your kingdom starts off with one rock, but as you tap it’s going to be filled with fish, plants and other objects. These artifacts aren’t just lovely to look at, but they also affect your ability to earn more hearts.
Plants work passively, but while fish earn rewards you have to tap them to obtain it. There are also certain artifacts that give you bonuses plus abilities so you can earn more hearts.

There are side mission quests that change things up, but mostly Abyssrium has you tapping over and over, and while that sounds dull it’s actually fun. Once you achieve certain goals like tapping X times or unlocking X number of fish, you’ll be given more gems which you can use to build up your empire.

Abyssrium has a soothing soundtrack to match the gameplay, and the colors are perfectly suited for the atmosphere. If you like clickers and have a thing for underwater shots and aquariums, you’re going to love this game. It does not reinvent the clicker genre, but it doesn’t need to as the game will draw you in.

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