Running an airline company is no joke, but with Merge Plane from Merger Games you can manage a fleet of aircraft without breaking a sweat. As the name suggests, this game has you literally merging planes to get a better aircraft. It is an interesting concept and pays off thanks to the simple controls and addictive gameplay.

Merge Plane is an idle game so no surprise the controls are as simple as it gets. Tap and drag planes to merge them together. A screen displays the new plane and you drag it across the track. Close the window, merge new planes and watch as your profits rise.

You can use the money to buy new aircraft, or you can wait for the free aircraft that shows up. If you do not have a lot of coins this is a good option, though it means having to wait a while. If coins are not a problem just buy them from the store. Keep in mind that some of the fancier planes must be purchased with gems, not coins.

One of the challenges in Merge Plane is balancing your needs for new aircraft with your budget. Planes are classified by levels, with the higher levels costing more. The cost goes up once you make a purchase, so it is best to mix up the levels for optimum results. By keeping a plane on the track it generates money continuously. Done playing for now? Leave several planes on the runway and when you come back your profits will register an increase.

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