Ever dreamed of the melodic sounds of waves crashing on the shore? Listening to this record’s exactly just like that.

“The Bay,” one of the releases of one-man band ME AND OCEANS on 2013, delivers on this promise by crafting a pensive and somber 10-track free album (yes!) that shows just how fluid music can be — alongside the quiet ripples of the bay.

LAKES‘ opens with toy melodies that segue to soft synth beats, an indication that the rest of the album is going to be one chill fest for the ears. ‘THE POND,’ the succeeding track, goes down the same route – now playing with ethnic-sounding instruments.

A personal favorite comes in the form of the title track, ‘The Bay,’ which unearths his jazz potential and produces one ‘standard’-ish romp that’s perfect with red wine in hand. The concluding live tracks, ‘Sept/Oct‘ and ‘Josephine‘ are surprise treats, serving as a ‘cool down’ to the crescendo of the middle act.

Let’s hit the bay, shall we?

Track list:
3. Walking Home
4. The Bay
5. When I Was A Dancer
6. A Quarter
7. Carp
8. Polonaise Blankenese
9. Sept / Oct (live)
10. Josephine (live)

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