“We like to play very loud punk rock music. If your ears ain’t ringing, it’s not loud enough,” Brighter Blue, from Canada, warn in their BandCamp bio. The joke only settles in when you press play on the band’s music, and their merry, tuneful indie-pop pours out of your speakers. The band’s 2012 debut, Psychedelic Dream, offers us more of such quirky gags, along with some great music.

The music on Psychedelic Dream is the kind you listen to on a bright Sunday afternoon, when you have nothing on your mind and all seems right with the world. The tracks are easy mid-paced pop jams with simple yet sticky melodies, and the mood throughout is laid-back and upbeat. The lyrics, on the other hand, are a capturing of youth and the pleasures and annoyances of young love. While there are some punk influences on the record like the muddy opening chords on Melodie, they only play a complementary role as the band’s jangly, mellow guitar chords and occasional xylophones and cowbells take the spotlight. A listen is recommended to anybody in the search of happy, uncomplicated pop-rock.

Favorite Track: Melodie, Anne

Track List
1. Melodie 03:41
2. Mommy Don’t 04:31
3. Made of Gold 03:44
4. Black Delilah 03:07
5. Good for Hugh 04:16
6. Anne 03:46
7. Whale Song 03:51
8. Psychedelic Dream 02:46

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