When was the last time you listened to a simple pop-rock record?

Amidst a musical landscape that has acts continuously trying to sound sophisticated, Jonathan Jones keeps things fairly basic and straightforward. He culls inspiration from the late 00’s big names (Coldplay, The Fray, and Jimmy Eat World) to create music that’s as radio-friendly as its easily likeable.

Love On, his full-length opus from last year, packs a lot of punches (and of course, love) with its beautifully-wrought melodies, lyrics, and vocals. It’s one landmark album in his colorful discography that you have to have, as a primer to his more recent The Finish Line.

The mayhem starts with “Minute Land“, an upbeat track that sets the ball into motion, and is subsequently echoed by the following tunes. The mood goes all the way to the last track, “Love On“, which, aside from being the staff favorite, is really beautiful in itself. [The acoustic feel helps.]

All of the expected elements are here: sweeping piano rhythms flowing alongside the hyper guitar and drum instrumentation, but they all work flawlessly and original here.

Track listing:
1. Minute Land
2. Claim Me
3. Araby (Lie # 17)
4. Pressure
5. Story Bridge
6. The Map
7. Monsters
8. Smile
9. How To Move On
10. Maybe By May
11. Love On

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