It’s been two decades since, but nothing in the realm of music has quite managed to match the carefree joy and playfulness of 80s pop. The plethora of contemporary pop artists trying to emulate the era’s sound with their music only stands as testament to its evergreen appeal.

Orlando based music producer Neon Niteclub’s fashion of celebrating the 80s is with a subtle whisk of modern electronica. While the loud and bright synth lines and drum machines still enjoy the spotlight, Daft Punk-isms like robotic voices and quirky digital sounds occasionally find their way into the mix.


The Dream Machine is a flirtatious album, and sometimes lasciviously so. But whether he’s singing about quickies (Love In Motion) or deep passionate love (Just Right), Neon Niteclub makes sure the track is as danceable as it can get. His obsession with synths matched with drum machines and melodies as strong as the groove create a fun and colorful blend that makes it hard for a listener to remain seated.

The album opener U Keep Me Up All Nite, built around a lone synth riff, is a tribute to the funk and bedroom-readiness of Prince, and Shadows draws slight influences from the 70s’ discotheque era. Just Right is a slow and atmospheric jam, while Not In Love Anymore and the title track feature some contagiously catchy bass-lines.

Neon Niteclub’s talent as a producer outshines many of his electro-pop contemporaries. It would be a pleasure to see him further develop this “Daft Punk-meets-Prince” vibe that he has brought to us with “The Dream Machine”.

Favourite Track: U Keep Me Up All Nite


Track List:
1. U Keep Me Up All Nite
2. Just Right
3. Shadow
4. Heat Of The Moment
5. Sky Blue
6. Don’t Rock The Boat
7. Love In Motion
8. Physical
9. Devotion
10. The Dream Machine
11. Not In Love Anymore

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