No stranger to the pages of the Frostclick blog, Chicago-native, Derek Clegg is here to showcase his latest musical effort. Overlook The Human Race is a beautiful compilation that delivers Clegg’s resident acoustic guitars and heartfelt vocals.

The album contains 11-tracks and is album number 9 or so for the artist. If there’s one thing the artist has mastered throughout the years, it’s the capacity to deliver a catchy tune even with the simplest arrangements. Filled with midtempo acoustic pop cuts with a sprinkling of folk here and there, this is a beautiful record worth noting.

Perfect for a relaxing afternoon, To Lose You, opens up the record to a quiet but endearing melody. Clegg’s vocal work is as expressive as ever as he laments the possible loss of someone rather special. Carry On, is another simple yet endearing track that delivers a more upbeat rhythm. If you listen to the lyrics though, it discusses being able¬† to move on from a solid relationship that simply didn’t work out.

Tracks like Easy and The Best in the World are both quiet, low key cuts that emphasizes melodic guitars and vocal work. Meanwhile, Who We Are and One I’ve Never Known, are a bit more faster and louder compared to other tracks. They celebrate a happier time and even a bit of self appreciation.

Like much of Derek Clegg’s records, this one exudes a homey feel that makes it instantly charming. Whether you love acoustic pop or not, there’s bound to be a track you’ll easily enjoy. Grab the download, this one is available for free under a Creative Commons license.

Track List:
1. To Lose You
2. Never Leave LA
3. If Only We Had More Time
4. Photograph
5. Carry On
6. Who We Are
7. The Best In The World
8. Easy
9. I Am There
10. Ones I’ve Never Known
11. My Mind Never Bends

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