Fingers of the Sun‘s 2011 self-titled release pays tribute to the well-loved sea, sand, and uneven tan lines. Hailing from Denver, this psych pop band is composed of Suzi Allegra, Nathan Brasil, Jamie Bryant, Fez Garcia, Marcus the Snail, and Meghan Wilson.

First stop is Goodbye Summer, which surprises our eager ears with theatrical vocals and an upbeat classical arrangement. The Sailor follows with some solid surf pop goodness that screams summer in every note.

Slowing things down a bit is Every House, a charming ensemble that features low strumming electric guitars and soft cooing melodies. While Heaven Only Knows makes use of spacey shoegaze combined with some pop rock sensibility.

Cashemere Paisley Polyester wraps up the collection with a fun celebration of instruments such as guitars, tambourines, and maracas. The energetic male vocals paints a stark contrast with the angelic back-up female vocals.

In this EP, Fingers of the Sun has created sonically pieces that paints bright colors and channel that comforting summer warmth.

Track List:
1. Goodbye Summer
2. The Sailor
3. Mystery Remains
4. Cup of Tea
5. Every House
6. Heaven Only Knows
7. Static Summer
8. The Leaves were So Green
9. I Know Something You Don’t Know
10. Dinner and a Movie
11. Cashmere Paisley Polyester

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