When it comes to music, Zach Janicello and Cole Johnson, better known as Great Awakening, are not afraid to gamble. Risk-taking in exchange for beauty and creativity has been their motto from the very start, that’s why their new album titled “Figure It Out” is something that’s simple but intense.


“We want music that is congruent with our worldview and our faith, but doesn’t require us to give up risk, creativity, and beauty,” says the duo on their website.

This play between margin and risk has paid off well. In Figure It Out, the duo has successfully created four tracks of boundary-pushing tracks that appeal well to alternative rock fans.

Terror Bells opens the album with thick guitar riffs that slowly transitions to punctuated sharp beats. This serve as the background of crisp, textured vocals.

Next stop, Culture Cult, envelopes the ears with an experimental combination of space, beat and pauses. Here, well-penned lines flow profusely while the beats are controlled in such a way that they are highlighted every time they pop up.

Figure It Out promises a lot of potential for Great Awakening. Though it may seem short, the collection encapsulates the duo’s craftsmanship as well as its boldness to experiment territories beyond the normal black and white.

Track List:
1. Terror Bells
2. Culture Cult
3. Without A Sign
4. Deathbed

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