“This is an oath to not letting your past define you and never giving up on love” Lauren Marsh writes, describing her latest album – Veracity. Her words start making a lot more sense when you find out that the 24 year old songstress was the victim of a hostile stalker, recovered from a severe car accident in 2013 and also a night in NYC which ended in the hospital ER when someone drugged her drink.


Lauren gives us what to expect as soon as she breaks into the bright and triumphant melody of the opener Promise, making clear that if she’s going to talk about her life and her philosophy, it’ll be over infectiously catchy songwriting to make it stick in the head. Her memorable hooks are kept coming, track after track, as she experiments with various pop styles.

Promise sounds pulls much from the style of Florence Welsh; and Wildfire features Lauren’s powerful vocals tearing through a soft contemporary pop arrangement. We Hit the Ground on the other hand, follows the lightly-produced classically-influenced style of pop while the EP is closed by Dear Love, a sweet acoustic ballad.

Favorite Track: Wildfire


Track List
1. Promise
2. Wildfire
3. We Hit the Ground
4. Never Let You Go
5. Dear Love

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