Embark in a whimsical sonic journey with singer/songwriter Lexi Elisha. Rope EP features six pop pieces that give breath to Lexi’s powerful themes such as dreams, purity, self-worth, nostalgia, contentment, and happiness.

Delighting our ears with playful folk pop melodies is Lucky Girl. Lexi’s has a sharp country voice but still evokes a childish innocence, which amps up the charm and vigor of the track.

Next stop is Trailside Road, where the songstress treats the listeners with playful charm and country guitars. Here, Lexi takes as in a rumination of her life adventures. While title track Rope goes experimental with slow, high-impact beats that supports Lexi’s mature yet graceful voice.


White Fence closes the album with a perfect mixture of coolness and warmth. Listen as Lexi’s smooth vocals are laid into a bed of echoing, sparse beats, creating a clever track that veers from everyday pop radio.

Lexi Elisha bares her heart and soul through her music, which gives her tracks a genuine emotions that everyone can relate to.

Track List:
1. Lucky Girl
2. Trailside Road
3. Young and Beautiful
4. Rope
5. Weaker Mind
6. White Fence

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