Are you craving for some good ole acoustic tunes?

You’re in luck! Joel Dunn-Wilson is getting his musical gear into place with his new (and probably, the first) EP, Superman. In this four-track collection, the tunes are all guitar and no filler, just the way we like our iPod fodder.

The folksy mood kicks right away in “Fine By Me“, a bittersweet anthem that sets the tone for what would be a surprisingly poignant batch of tunes. “Superman“, a starkly lovelorn ode at the end, polarizes the angsty aftertaste of the first track.

Don’t discount the obscenely sweet harmonies of “In My Head“, which sounds like a bad (that it’s so good) high school poetry with random riffs meshed in. Nonetheless, it still works anyway.

Escape” feels slightly out of place (or fine, peculiar) on the otherwise romantic compositions here, but still manages to sound so compellingly addictive as the rest.

joel dunn-wilson

Our strings are so down for these.

Track listing:
1. Fine By Me
2. Escape
3. In My Head
4. Superman

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