Lyonn originally started out as the one-man passion project of Tyler Gelrud from California. In December of 2014, with a debut EP already released, Tyler crossed paths with Attila Yavuzer who shared similar musical interests and as a result Lyonn was reborn as a two-man act. We’ll Light the Sky comes as the duo’s first EP.


The record begins with the dazzling and melodramatic Empty Bed where the duo put their ambient style of pop on vivid display. Tyler’s vocals sound passionate and the melody is hooking. Lyonn’s atmospherics dig deeper on the track that follows – We’ll Light the Sky with its cooing vocals and droning synthesizers. The EP’s brightest and catchiest highlight, however, comes with Shining Eyes which sees the duo taking on an explosively upbeat sound that brings to mind various popular boy bands. Lyonn display great capability with their songwriting and their use of electronic riffs and backdrops never makes the music feel congested.

With We’ll Light the Sky, Lyonn give us some enjoyable music, but do not seem to have reached the peak of their potential. As they continue developing their sound, with time they definitely will.

Favorite Track: Shining Eyes


Track List
1. Empty Bed
2. We’ll Light the Sky
3. Shining Eyes
4. Iceberg

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