The Trip Advisor website is well known for its user reviews, and it is one of the best places to read about travelers, their holidays, where they stayed, what they did and their experiences, both positive and negative. If you’re going somewhere, you will want to check user reviews on the website, and now all this information is available on their mobile app.

Versions of the app are available for the iOS, Android and Windows mobile. There are some differences between the apps, but they all have maps, reviews and photos from cities all over the world. The app presents its options clearly (hotels, restaurants, things to do, flights, etc.). Tap restaurants for example, and the app will look for restaurants near you or the city you specify. You can filter your search by menu, cost and so on. Once the app returns a list, you can call the restaurant, save the settings or read the reviews about it.

You follow the same process with the hotels and flights: you just tap it and options will become available. Another useful feature in the app is you can download photos, reviews and other information about the cities featured in the app. This is a very convenient feature so if you suddenly decide you want to go London, you can look it up offline: since the info is on your mobile you can access it even without an Internet connection.

The bottom line is whether it’s hotels, restaurants, shopping, tourist attractions or activities, the Trip Advisor app can be a valuable aid. If you travel a lot, you will find this a good companion.

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