TouchMail is an email application for Windows 8.1 and while it’s not the first, it is one of the best at email management. It supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, IMAP, Outlook/Hotmail, and more. The app also lets you add three accounts, but we are only getting started as it has other features.

The app is optimized for Windows 8, as your emails are displayed as tiles that you can zoom in, zoom out, rearrange and resize. To add and sync your accounts, click the tab at the upper right, and clicking the Add button lets you add a new account. To delete you just swipe the email up, and to select you just swipe down, so it is intuitive.

TouchMail comes with notifications when there is new mail, and you can filter mail by file attachments, date, tasks, unread and priority, and you can also filter them by the sender type. The design is minimalist, and this is evident from the dialog box for creating a new email. The default settings work fine but you can change it so your signature is added to the bottom of all your emails. As you might expect, TouchMail also lets you add images to your contact list, though the default design looks fine.

If you send and receive a lot of emails, you will find TouchMail useful. The interface is intuitive, and whether you are new to Windows or not, the learning curve is slight. Bottom line: there are a lot of email management apps for Windows, but it is hard to find one as efficient as TouchMail.

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