Pixel Art Studio from Gritsenko is a free program that gives you the chance to create pixel drawings. There are a lot of photo and drawing programs for Windows, but how many let you make pixelated art? For its unique features alone it is worth a look see, and it’s packed.

At the left side and top of the screen are the tools which you will use. Starting is as simple as clicking the drawing tool and start drawing. Living up to its name, the lines you draw will be pixelated, and with standard options like cut, copy, fill color, undo, zoom , etc. you will be on your way to creating a pixel work of art in no time.

One of the more useful tools in Pixel Art Studio is the mirror; when you click the drawing tool and choose the mirror option, the lines you draw are mirrored. It is hard to stress how useful this tool is, because if you need to draw something symmetrical, like a face, body or spaceship, it literally cuts the amount of work you have to do in half.

Once you’re done drawing, you fill it up with color. Optimized for Windows 10 desktop and mobile, there is support for mouse, touchpad and pen controls, allowing you to create free flowing drawings or tight illustrations. What really makes Pixel Art Studio fun to use is many of the tools are standard in paint programs, so the learning curve is slight.

There is a preview for your sprite drawings, and when you’re done you can save to PNG. If you’re into pixel art
drawing or need to create them (i.e. if you are a game developer), try Pixel Art Studio.

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