Edmodo is a social learning platform expressly designed for the use of students, teachers and educators. Like other social networks, it has chat, group creation and feed sharing among others. Because this app was created by Edmodo.com for educational purposes, it is far more secure than other social platforms. To use Edmodo you need to sign up for a free account.

When you log in to Edmodo you will see icons for Posts, Profile, Notifications, Groups, Grades and Backpack. With the program you can share and collaborate content, and teachers can access grades, while students have access to homework. For students to open an account, they’ll need to get a group code from their teacher, and then they can open an account.


With Edmodo, teachers can now proceed with class discussions online and they can also set up polls to determine how well students understand the lessons, and even reward outstanding students with badges for outstanding behavior and performance. Educators who use Edmodo will also find it easy to access student grades, as they are all stored online.

Edmodo also has several apps that will make learning more personalized for students. With these apps, teachers can amplify each lesson with no trouble. Once your free admin account has been turned on, you can connect all the students and teachers in your district.

For teachers, Edmodo provides them with a simple way to grade assignments, post messages and keep tabs on what’s happening. Students meanwhile can use the network to check their grades and submit their assignments online. And because the network is secure, teachers and students don’t need to worry about security issues.

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