SOCIAL are a 5-piece indie-pop band from Atlanta started by a bunch of friends. They began, they say on their website, with the intention of “sharing their favorites of the music they have created ever since they started writing.” The band’s first offering comes as a slick seven-track pop EP.


SOCIAL’s music belongs to that domain of pop where everything comes sugary and candy-coated, and yet too much is never enough. The band draws major influences from The 1975, but smartly enough, avoids their misstep of redundantly producing each track. Synthesizers and electronic music are used to create a carefree retro feel, and rock isn’t forgotten either, with loud vibrant guitars making frequent appearances.

Complimenting the music’s youthful tone, the lyrics mostly touch upon subjects of love and relationships, and the wide spectrum of emotions they can bring. There are adorable moments and as many wistful ones.

SOCIAL EP makes for a strong debut record and will be especially enjoyable to The 1975 fans.

Favorite Track: Drive


Track List
1. YNG
2. Drive
3. F.I.Y.E
4. Faded
5. Forget
6. Killer
7. Live Forever

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