Brittany Campbell’s “Black Summer” is her second collection of self-produced bangers. The album is a simple yet enjoyable, as it takes us on a whirlwind journey of love songs, break-up diss-downs, and self-empowerment affirmations — all presented in a funky format.

It might be mistaken for a Carly Rae Jepsen cover, but “Call Me Baby” is more Amy Winehouse (take a good look at the album cover) with her soulful vocal work blending in seamlessly with a demo-like production.

She then delves into pseudo-Motown mode with the drum-dominated “Oh Way Oh“, complete with those Supremes doo-wops and a potential two-step dance to boot. Straying away completely is the title track, “Black Summer“, a synth-laden number that’s ready for some Dave Audé or Zedd remixes to get it ready for the clubs.

All throughout, Brittany never tones down the suave factor — which we hope she doesn’t — in varying arrangements such as the downtempo “Brooklyn Boy“, 90’s Sade-like “No Other Way“, and the fusion finale, “Always“.

Even better than Campbell’s soup, we say.

Track listing:

1. Call Me Baby
2. Through The Fire
3. Oh Way Oh
4. Black Summer
5. Motherf**ker
6. Messy
7. Brooklyn Boy (ft. Sha Summers)
8. Ur My Favorite
9. No Other Way
10. What You Wanna Do?
11. Always (My Heart Will Be An Open Door)

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