Songs of Travel opens with Jessica singing on Just Don’t Have the Time about getting out of her “lonely town” and finding places that make her feel at home. Right away, we know that Jessica is somebody with a driving desire for adventure.

Her latest EP, Songs of Travel was recorded after spending three months traveling England, California, Tennessee and Alabama. And this appetite for exploration is what her songwriting pivots around, as she sings of places she has seen, the people she has met and finding where she belongs.


Songs of Travel follows the simplistic style of pop singer-songwriters like Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. Jessica’s music works mostly as a spotlight for lyrical expression, as she admits “The music comes naturally, but the lyrics are what keep me up at night. I’ll spend days dissecting and tweaking them to express how I feel.” Bright guitar chords and catchy licks set the background for Jessica’s tales and experiences and give the EP its charming pop appeal.

Cambridge is a sweet country pop observance of the urge to never leave a place you have fallen in love with; meanwhile Call This Home cherishes the pleasure of returning home after a long journey. The highlight, however, comes with Let Me Be which unfurls from a lone echoing guitar intro into a soothing rush of gorgeous acoustic melodies.

While showcasing Jessica’s songwriting prowess and passion, Songs of Travel may have also paved her way to mainstream success. The EP appeared on the iTunes Top 100 chart and Let Me Be and Cambridge were selected by Starbucks for its fall playlist. Whenever she may plan on releasing her debut studio album, Jessica can rest assured that she has an audience that’ll listen.

Favorite Track: Let Me Be


Track List
1. Just Don’t Have The Time
2. Bullet Points
3. Call This Home
4. Let Me Be
5. Cambridge

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