Adobe Photoshop Fix is a free photo editing app that combines an easy to use interface with some really cool warping features. You can use the app without a Creative Cloud subscription, but you do need an Adobe account (it’s a free signup) to run it. If you just need a photo editing app and can do without Creative Cloud, this will do just fine.

Once the app loads you can edit a picture from your mobile device’s photo gallery, Facebook, Dropbox or Creative Cloud (if you have an account there). The tools are at the bottom, and the most impressive here is definitely the Face. Tap this and you’ll be able to warp faces and make them smile and change expression.

The Face tool might need a bit of getting used to, but as long as you’ve got a light touch the photo warping should come out fine. A look at the Fix toolbox shows the standard stuff like rotate, crop, exposure and several effects meant for editing the face like red eye removal, sharpening and so on. The app utilizes a modular system as well as sliders, and they’re especially good for observing changes. At the left corner you’ll see a slider for opacity and as well an undo and redo option.

Adobe Photoshop Fix works fine on its own, but of course there are more features if you have a Creative Cloud account like syncing files with your other devices and sending the file over to Photoshop. But if you don’t need that, then this app will do fine.

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