There are a ton of mobile photo editing apps, so what makes Snapseed by Google any different? Well, this isn’t your run of the mill photo editor as it is aimed at professional photographers. It comes with advanced zoom controls, brushes and tools for repairing images and more.

You can shoot a photo or choose one in your mobile device. Tap the plus sign at the bottom right corner to bring up the filters and editing tools. Select a tool or function and a control panel appears with parameters and editing options. There are a lot of effects and filters here but there’s a tutorial to help you get started.

Even without the tutorials, Snapseed is easy to use. You jut open a photo, tap the plus sign and experiment with the various filters and effects. The app also creates stacks for each effect you add on a photo. You can then edit each stack individually without affecting the rest of the image.

You can copy some or all of the stacks onto another photo, similar to powerful desktop photo editors. All your photos are saved automatically saved in Android devices, though you have to manually save in the iOS version.

Snapseed uses gestures to control the features. You just choose a tool and swipe vertically to pick an attribute. Then you swipe horizontally to adjust the effect’s intensity. Lens blur, cropping and other tools need pinching and tapping. This isn’t as confusing as it seems, and you;l get the hang of it eventually.

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