Haven’t had your fill of endless runners yet? Judging from the popularity of Helly Copter by Playgendary, the answer is no. And once you’ve gotten a taste of Helly Copter you’ll see why, as it’s very easy to play and perfect, you will want a few more quick rounds to pass the time.

In Helly Copter, you play a character that looks like, well, a helicopter. To fly, tap the screen and try to avoid hitting the blocks, otherwise its game over. That’s it, you can play this game with just one finger. Of course the challenge is to keep Helly Copter flying.

What you’ll notice is that Helly Coper does not fly up or down as fast as you’d like. To avoid crashing, fly by making short, quick taps, so your copter will ascend and descend in short movements, making it easier for you to react if there is an obstacle in your way.

If the way is clear, tap and hold for a faster, smoother flight. However, this can be risky as descending becomes harder. Between the two, go for a light tap as it is easier to manage flight and momentum.

The more you play Helly Copter, the more gifts and bonuses you’ll come across. When you reach a specific point in the game, you’ll come across the X2, meaning each time you die your coin total is equivalent or greater than your score, motivating you to keep going.

Helly Copter is a fun little game. It’s not the most revolutionary title on mobile, but it’s a nice diversion and should keep your trigger finger happy.

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