Super Mario Run marks Nintendo’s first serious foray into mobile, and it’s worth it. This is a Mario game so you should have an idea of what to expect, but Nintendo has changed things up and made the game more playable for mobile. And yes, it’s got all the classic elements and more.

Super Mario Run has coins, bricks, pipes and the same enemies you’ve come to love, but it’s been tailored for today’s gamers. The first thing you’ll notice with the game – apart from the familiar elements – is that Mario is always running.

That might take some getting used to, but it’s actually a nice feature. He doesn’t just run carelessly as you’ll notice that he can jump over small obstacles in the way, but you still need to control him when there are bigger enemies and obstacles in front. You just press tap to jump and hold for longer or higher jumps.

Because Mario is always on the run, you just have to focus on jumping to collect coins and advance in the game. The levels have also been tweaked so there are lots of platforms that Mario can jump on. In addition there are secret, special coins available that you’ll find the more you play the game.

One of the best features in the game is Toad Rally mode where you play against another player’s ghost who has completed the level. The goal of course, is to get more coins than the ghost and also collect more Toads. The more Toads you gain, the more buildings you’ll be able to make for your mushroom kingdom.

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