Bill Killem from Chillingo is an endless runner set in a beautiful 16 bit world. Here, aliens have wrecked the premiere of our hero’s movie, and naturally he’s hell bent on taking revenge on the nasty aliens. While endless runners are nothing new, Bill Killem makes it more interesting thanks to its funny storyline and other features.

Bill Killem also adds something to the endless runner genre because you can go left or right by tapping the arrows on the screen. In addition, the pixel graphics are very nice and add charm to the title. Controlling Bill Killem is easy as all you need to do is jump and fire. It might take some time to master the controls and jump, but the mechanics are easy to remember.

What makes Bill Killem challenging is you only get one life, so if you get hit by a laser or fall into the abyss, it’s game over. However, you can collect coins throughout the game and if you get enough you can continue the level or restart if you want. If you collect enough gold coins you’ll be able to buy different costumes for the character and get speed boosts as well.

Bill Killem employs a timer so you can’t relax, but you can add some seconds by getting hold of those clock icons. Because of the timer, single life and the number of aliens you have to kill, Bill Killem is going to be a challenge. However difficult the game may be, the design and gameplay will keep you coming back.

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