Hill Climb Racing 2 from Fingersoft has the same premise as the first game, but like any good sequel the controls are better, the graphics have more detail, multiplayer modes and other features that raise it above the first Hill Climb Racing game. But even if you haven’t played the original you can still play this game.

You start by choosing a vehicle and try to navigate a bumpy road or hill. There are only two control options available, brake and gas. You also have to make full use of the pedals as you go through rocky surfaces, hills, large inclines and other obstacles. Fortunately your vehicle is pretty nifty too, capable of flips and soaring in the air.

The more tricks you perform the more coins you get, but if your head makes contact with the ground, you’re done. The key to lasting in the game is to manage your flight’s trajectory or carefully manage the brakes and gas as you cross a deteriorating crossway.

As you play Hill Climb Racing 2 and advance, you’ll be able to unlock more vehicles. The vehicle you start with is fairly steady but slow, while others are faster and lighter. A big improvement in Hill Climb Racing 2 is the handling is better, plus you can suit up Newton Bill or Jill in different clothes, and you can paint your vehicle too.

Lastly, Hill Climb Racing 2 has a race mode called Cups, where you can race against up to three players’ ghosts. The fact they’re ghosts is a nice touch so you don’t have to wait for players to show up and play.

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