With more people being health conscious, it’s no surprise fitness apps are everywhere. So the question, is there anything Freeletics: Personal Fitness Coach & Body Workouts has to offer that sets it apart from the rest? In a nutshell yes, the app does give you a lot. There is a free and paid version, but even the free one should suffice for most.

Let’s take a look at the free version first. There are hundreds of workouts, with the length ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. The workouts cover all the major muscle groups and have step by step instructions on how to perform them. There are also videos which demonstrate how to do them properly. This is very important to avoid injuries and achieve maximum benefit.

Freeletics is easy to use. Launch the app, input your goal, how fit you are etc, and the app does the rest. Some workouts are more difficult than others, but you can try many types so you progress at the pace you are comfortable with. Reminders are also built in so you don’t forget.

So what does the paid app have to offer? You get all of the above op plus customization. Think of it as a digital fitness coach with the training designed specifically for your age, height and weight. Does that make it worth the weekly subscription? For some yes, but really the free app is packed and you can use the workouts given in the free version of Freeletics to customize your own regimen.

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