Wind Map 3D Hurricane Tracker by Abduljabbar AlFaqih does precisely that, track hurricanes, wind currents and tornadoes. Hurricanes, unfortunately, are a part of life so it’s a good idea to have an app that keeps you updated where the storm is located. With this app you get satellite images, landfall updates, marine weather and more.

The app has an intuitive interface: you’ll see a list of active storms, and you just tap and swipe the menus to get a live feed of the wind current and other information. Speaking of data, Hurricane Tracker provides up to date satellite images, or you can tap Live Feed and check out what people are saying about the storm.

The app lets you check specific areas the storm might hit, a crucial feature if you’re traveling and want to avoid the eye of the storm. You don’t need to tinker with the alerts either as the app automatically notifies you if the intensity level increases. Hurricane Tracker supports different types of map projections too so you can track the storm the way you want.

Wind Map Hurricane Tracker is designed to keep you safe, but the info can also be used by storm chasers. It’s also useful if you’re into water sports as you’ll be updated if there’s a storm on the way. The app also tracks wind speed, essential information for surfers who want to catch the next big wave. Wind Map also explains how hurricanes form, and there are also global maps that display various types of weather phenomena.

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