There are a lot of apps which try to integrate audio, video, and text, but often the result is confusing. NPR is an exception to the rule as it combines all those elements well. If you are looking for a mobile magazine app, the NPR News app is as good an option as any. With the app you can read stories and listen audio simultaneously.

The app is well organized, with sections for News, Music, Arts, and Life. Each section displays the leading stories. Tap to read the article, and you may also tap the play button to listen to the audio while you read the story.

At the bottom of the app are the music player controls, and there are also buttons for stations, programs, and hourly news. Did you like a particular story and want to share it? Just tap the share button. Options for in-demand audio and live stations are both available and you can even download stories.

The NPR News app comes with several stories that you can read. Combined with on-demand and live stations and you have a lot of content to choose from. For all its features the app remains easy to use. One tap to add a story to your favorites list, and you can also access the programs, stations, hourly newscast and playlist with one tap.

Bottom line: the NPR News app is well made and provides a nice balance of audio, text and video. If you love NPR or just want to read some good stories and quality podcasts, this app is worth a download.

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