The Wager is a new indie game developed by Peter Silk & Kieran Walsh. It was created as one of the entries for the Ludum Dare competition and was put together in an impressive 72 hours.

The game has been winning quite a few positive responses since its release and it’s currently available as a free download on their website.

Much like various exploration games, The Wager lets you play as a tiny seafarer who is out to discover the world and collect various treasures. Gameplay is pretty basic but still quite entertaining. 

As mentioned, you’ll be playing a little dude with a heart for adventure. You’ll have your trusty ship to depend on for your expedition as you hop from one island to the next looking for various treasures and going up against your rival, Mr. Lester Marwood.

The more treasure you obtain equals to more money by the end of the game. Consequently, the explorer who has enough money will win the bet and become the best explorer there is. Of course, there will be quite a few dangers along the way so you have to be on your guard.

The Wager features nice retro graphics that are easy to love as well as simple controls. The gameplay is also a lot of fun. There are random maps offered in the game so it’s different each time you try it. Moreover, the little dialogues and exchanges are quite entertaining and one of my favorite parts.

Overall, this one is worth giving a go. There are still a few hiccups here and there but nothing overly major. It’s pretty enjoyable.

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