Enough Records compiled a sampler mixtape especially for Frostclick! Get a taste of the netlabel’s best electronica, postrock, industrial, drone, and ambient by Sugar Overdose, Ikimashoo Aoi, Jenifer ? ├ůvila, Gilo, Nagra, Violet and the Mutants to name a few. The album is quick and dirty, with a lot of gritty vocals, heavy bass and electronic beats. The collection of songs is solid – everything works so well together since the sequence and combination of the songs is obviously well thought of.

The sampler mixtape starts with furious industrial/post rock songs, smoothly transitions to ambient, then moves on to fast-paced electronica. Overall, I think the album is a great mix of what Enough Records has to offer. If you liked this sampler, check out the other bands distributing their music for free with this up and coming netlabel.

This is Enough Records’ manifesto:

Enough Records is a Portuguese netlabel. We promote and distribute music from artists who agreed to release through us – for free.

We feel the world has been littered and misguided with ergonomic pop formulas for too long. We can’t really guerrilla market ourselves to popular stardom against the music industry, but we still strive to provide alternatives for artists and listeners who might share our taste in music. We believe music should be free.

We have a strong demoscene background. We slowly came to realize a special interest in electronica, IDM, postrock, industrial, noise, glitch, drone and dark ambient. However, we are open to other genres as long as it sounds good and clicks something inside of us. We are not an experimental music label but we like sound with a certain character, not more of the same. We do not follow a specific genre or aesthetic line, check the tags cloud if you’re looking for something specific. Our plan for world domination is to simply release soothing sounds, emerging landscapes, from Portugal, Europe, World, into the cyberspace for whomever will listen. We do this for free, because we can. We believe the listener will find other ways to support the artists.

If you’re a musician yourself who wants to share music for free, do send over some tracks. Details can be found on their website.

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