Stealth games are popular on desktops and consoles, but the results have been mixed with mobile versions. Noodlecake Studios made sure Sneak Ops is one of the better ones and they succeeded, it seems. Like any good stealth game, you’re required to act quickly and think on your feet, but it’s fair and gives you a good chance to get ahead of the pack.

In Sneak Ops your character is tasked with recovering floppy discs, and to do this you have to go through various levels, avoid traps and find the way out. The simple tap and swipe controls mean you’ll get the hang of it quickly and that’s a good thing as some of the corridors are tricky.

The levels are also varied and you have to face a number of unique obstacles and enemies. Those floppy discs must be really valuable since cameras, lasers, and guards are everywhere. If you set off an alarm or is seen, they’ll be after you and you’ve got only a few seconds to run around to avoid them. If you see a low-level guard just hit them and you can go on.

But the goal is to really obtain the floppies because when you reach twenty, you get to avail of checkpoints so if you’re caught, you don’t have to start from scratch. This is a very useful feature since some of the levels are really tough.

One of the pitfalls with these games is the tendency to be monotonous, but thankfully that isn’t the case here. With Sneak Ops you’ll want to come back and again.

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