Take a plunge on some blues and hip-hop flavored indie pop all the way from the sunny beaches of San Diego, California. In this self-titled EP, Spencer Jarrad aka Goofy Foot brews seven masterpieces that will surely jump start our day.

Opening track The Chokey welcomes the ears with booming drum beats and hand-clapping rhythms. Listen as Goofy Foot spurs some lyrical wizardy. This is a powerful, solid opening piece that sets a certain kind of swag and attitude to the whole album.

Brain & Brawn follows with the same rhythmic beats like the previous track, but with a bit of electronic and blues musings on the background. The track draws most of its beauty on Goofy Foot‘s poeticism. He manages to write with a certain kind of “bang” that doesn’t brag or preach (like most hip-hop/raps do) but rather tackles his message by using images of everyday life penned flawlessly into music.

In Plastic Love, the singer/songwriter swims in the electro/indie pop department. It is a refreshing, upbeat track that features catchy eletronic hooks and a steady energy. Still in the electro/indie pop mold, Young Again is your ideal beach song. Get lost in spacey vocals and YOLO lines set in some epic, trippy arrangement, which is perfect for chillin’ while soaking up the sun.


The album closes with My Little Doo Wop, a bonus track reminiscent of 1950s blues and rhythm sound. Press play and let the quirky, fun-filled vocal harmony drive the stress away.

Goofy Foot EP is a celebration of Spencer Jarrad‘s chosen sonic brand as it showcases his ability to tap in his inner core and produce well-blended tracks bursting with substance.

Whether you’re on your way to the office or just lazying away on a tropical island, let Goofy Foot’s flavorful indie pop tracks accompany you for that perfect day ahead.

Track List:
1. The Chokey
2. Brain & Brawn
3. Isis
4. Great Expectations
5. Plastic Love
6. Young Again
7. My Little Doo Wop (Bonus Track)

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