Oh My Goodness‘ self-titled album is a collection of EP Remixes that will make your ears bleed (in a good way). Oh My Goodness EP Remixes tells more of the “worry-core” that Oh My Goodness’ musical style is known for.

Everything All (officerfishdumplings Remix) is an addictive and catchy track with the blast of bass, dubstep, and the sassy remix that ignites your party spirit. This track welcomes us to the experimental hip-hop with the touch of indie. Despite the obvious remix, the track still rings Oh My Goodness‘ obvious avant-garde fashion. The interesting remix of this track is a stroke of a genius.

Money (Anna Meredith Minted Remix) is not actually a “worst-case scenario” but definitely has a punch of sassiness.This track can be a soundtrack to any sassy TV series nowadays. Money (Anna Meredith Remix) is a case of fast-paced track compare to the original Money track. Just like the other interesting remixes in this track, this is highly addictive and will blow your mind away. You will never think that this is a remix of an original song—you will think that this remix can stand on its own.

OMG OMG (Max Drummey Remix) is the track has an amazing remix and gives a completely different spin from the original EP. It is still as experimental as it is and as good as it sounds. The remix did not take away that certain Oh My Goodness’ flavor when it comes to their tracks. It is intriguing, and will captivate your mind. The chorus part is the most infectious.

Oh My Goodness is made up of Therese Workman and Tyler Wood who were both from Maine, but are now based in Brooklyn, NY. They are multi-instrumentalists and producers.

Track List:
1. Everything All (officerfishdumplings Remix)
2. Rogue (Scrambler Slaycation Remix)
3. Not Lying (Alias Remix)
4. OMG OMG (Andrew Bergmann TortillaToeMix)
5. Rollerblading in the Everglades (Adam Sachs Remix)
6. Money (Anna Meredith Minted Remix)
7. OMG OMG (Max Drummey Remix)
8. Money (Christopher Tignor Remix)
9. Not Lying (Eliot Krimsky Remix)

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