Klement – New Life (Compilation)

French producer and singer Klement compiles 15 tracks in his portfolio - some of unreleased and some previously released by different netlabels between 2003 and 2009 - to celebrate his music. This album is under Ego Twister netlabel. Klement's sound is a fusion of electronica, pop, and new wave. His beat sounds promising, but the mixing leaves a lot to be desired. I listened to the tracks once, and promised myself to not do it again. It was sort of frustrating for me because each track starts okay but then the notes get really messy, the beat lost and meaningless. Each song loses its way before half a minute is over. The mixing could definitely be improved, too.

X – A Free Techno Compilation Album from Phlow Magazine

X – A Free Techno Compilation, is brought to us by Techno Blast | Phlow in cooperation with DJ Meeting. This is their first (and free) creative commons techno compilation. The compilation producers boast of a carefully designed selection that includes the best of the past and present indie artists. The tracks mostly came from different netlabels, but one track is exclusive to X . This track is from Sudio, who remixed "Sonic Impact" just to render more edge into this compilation.

NetLabel Coalition Volume 1 – Free Compilation Album

NetLabel Coalition Volume 1 is another compilation album that indie music enthusiasts should check out. The NetLabel Coalition (NLC) is composed of netlabels that are promoting and celebrating free music with enthusiasts around the world. They hang out in forums hosted by The Creative UnCommons. This album has some really good tracks for lovers of gutsy electronic music, as well as for those who enjoy quiet ambient sounds for introspection and relaxation.

Allison Crowe: Spiral

The songs in Allison Crowe’s Spiral will take you on a rough winding road through different emotions, joy and weariness, to name just two. Variety is the best feature of this album as it offers a little bit of country, a little bit of rock, and a little bit of pop. The best part, without a doubt, is the emotionally-packed, powerful big vocals of Allison Crowe. Allison Crowe has been known as a performer-songwriter who delivers great quality music and she does not disappoint in her latest album.

Mormor (Grandma) – short film about a surprising vacation at grandma’s

Mormor means “grandmother” in Norwegian. This short film is about a renewed bond that was formed between a granddaughter (Pia) and her mormor one fine summer. Pia’s parents are too busy with their lives to take care of her when the school’s on a break, so Pia takes a spontaneous vacation to her mormor’s home. Mormor is a widower, and so the young girl is such a delightful presence in her home. They have so much fun and so many adventures together. However, their adventures are cut short by those who do not get their idea of fun. Mormor is subsequently sent to the frightening “retirement” home, so Pia has to break in and enter the “prison” to save her mormor.

Boris Kostin aka Restin presents “Not So Scary” – A Free LP from Mix Galaxy Records

Moscow-based Boris Kostin also known as Restin brings us “Not So Scary,” an EP of ambient music fit for sleepovers and storytelling sessions, wherein the theme is either a little scary-creepy, or somewhat freaky. Kostin’s EP title seems perfectly appropriate if you would listen to the singles individually. Listening to the entire EP is a different story because this EP could get your imagination going on and on, track after track.

Enough Dubs 2 – Compilation Sequel from EnoughRecords

EnoughRecords released a well-received music compilation called “Enough Dubs” in 2008. After two years of waiting, music enthusiasts can now get the sequel, “Enough Dubs 2” still for free. Bass lovers should listen to “Enough Dubs 2” for its bass-focused arrangements from contributing musicians worldwide. Two years is a long time, but EnoughRecords makes up for the long wait by besting itself on this one. “Enough Dubs 2” was compiled by PS & Dipswitch.

Adveniat Hiems’ “Loki” – a free metal EP

Adveniat Hiems is an ambient black metal band that dishes out short concept albums inspired by northern mythology and folktales. “Loki,” Adveniat Hiems’ new EP, is named after a shapeshifter in Norse myths. The group is with the net label Ekleipsi. They are not as loud and “noisy” as other metal groups, and they do not blow off my eardrums. I think they are quite merciful despite an anagram of their name, invade atheism. I actually like the fiery combination of their drums and guitars. What I really like about Adveniat Hiems, though, is their choice to stick to concepts that are close to me – myths and legends.