EnoughRecords released a well-received music compilation called “Enough Dubs” in 2008. After two years of waiting, music enthusiasts can now get the sequel, “Enough Dubs 2” still for free. Bass lovers should listen to “Enough Dubs 2” for its bass-focused arrangements from contributing musicians worldwide.

Two years is a long time, but EnoughRecords makes up for the long wait by besting itself on this one. “Enough Dubs 2” was compiled by PS & Dipswitch.

The tracks in “Enough Dubs 2” are brought to us by the following musicians: Auxdub feat. Simba Amlak, Gök, Roots’n’fruits, Desmond Denker, Jean Nine, Bassrael feat. AC Akut, Babysitta, Codex, The Lonely Schizo & Schmove, Cheapshot, Bassrack Wobama, and Trollheadd.

There is a couple of forgettable tunes in “Enough Dubs 2,” but most of the tunes sound good. I managed to find my groove in Auxdub feat. Simba Amlak’s “Confrontation.” Reggae marries electronic and pop in this danceable track. Roots ‘n’ Fruits’ “I Don’t Know,” makes for a good ambient theme for chillout nights, except the first few beats don’t really work out right. But it gets better as percussions dominate the melody and the digitized vocals enhance its chillout effects. It’s a shame that only some parts of this track really, really sound good while the rest sounds so ordinary and even boring.

The compilation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported. Feel free to copy, distribute and share the tracks with your friends.

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