Jurassic Park Builder by Ludia is based upon the popular film series. If you ever wanted to build your own park with dinosaurs, this is your chance to do it for free.

The game setup is similar to that of Tap Zoo and Farmville. Here you have to build a park for dinosaurs. The objective is to make money and manage the resources. The dinos make you money that have to be collected, and you than have to use the income to buy vegetables, meat and other necessities. If the animals are well taken care of, they will grow and attract more visitors.

The game sounds easy, but it can be challenging at times. You have to strike a balance between checking the animals’ status and deciding where to place exhibits and roads. Those who want to play Jurassic Park Builder have to be patient. You need to wait for dinosaur eggs to hatch, and you have to be patient in activities like forest clearing and shipping food.

You must also learn finance management. Researching for new discoveries requires cash. Once you get the dinosaurs, they can be leveled up. Every ten levels you can send the dinosaurs to the lab for more research. You also have characters from the film doing various tasks. If you are resourceful enough, the park will expand along with your earnings. You also have to make sure the dinosaurs don’t get loose.

The gameplay is very engaging, and the graphics are excellent. The sound effects are also top of the line. The sounds made by the dinosaurs alone makes the game worth playing. Jurassic Park Builder is available for the iPhone and iPad.

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