Wordsmith: The Vintage Vault Mixtape

He's back!!! Mr. "more than a million downloads", Wordsmith, is back and has let loose 15 tracks from his personal archive; compiling them into The Vintage Vault Mixtape. Giving his fans something to satiate themselves while waiting for his new album, Vintage Experience, to hit shelves on March 30th. As expected, Wordsmith delivers tracks filled with expressive lyrics which coalesces perfectly with equally diverse rhythm and beats. A true rapper/actor (he has a degree in theater to boast of) Wordsmith effortlessly strings together words and phrases creating meaningful lyrics rather than just spitting out meaningless rhymes.

Nobody’s Bizness: Ao Vivo Na Capela da Misericórdia

If you are in the mood for some good old blues, Nobody's Bizness can help you in that department. Their music is characteristic of delta music that reminds plenty of blues lovers out there just how this music originally came about. Nobody's Bizness' Ao Vivo Na Capela da Misericórdia is a compilation of acoustic blues that exudes with a touch of the rural country. It's a poignant attempt of the band to keep the Mississippi delta music alive and kicking.

Maud & Leo: A Road Movie to Think About

Maud & Leo is written, directed and produced by Jonny von Wallstr�m, Akram Janzi, and Tobias Rydin. The movie is about the bond that�s formed between an elderly woman in her 50s who sets out on a reluctant goal and by chance encounters a 22 year old, uber talkative musician, who was thrown out of his band. They find themselves unlikely partners out on a road trip and end up bickering and arguing with each other. However, in the end they find the respect and meaning they have sought for most of their lives.

Worriedaboutsatan: EP1

Worriedaboutsatan is Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale. Their first EP is self-titled but popularly labeled as EP1 by the group. It was initially released back in 2006 and is no longer in print. However, it is available for a free download under a Creative Commons license. Describing themselves as playing “electronic music with heart and soul,” the band certainly makes this apparent in their music. With various hints of electronic, indie and post rock integrated into their songs, it’s not tough to love.

Emilie Lund: Emilie Lund EP

Another amazing release from Aaahh Records, Emilie Lund is the latest folk genius to come out of Stockholm. Singing about her life and influences while growing up in a countryside town in Sweden under the wing of former hippie parents, Lund brings a fresh take onto the world of folk music. Her music is soothing and melancholic; soothing in its capacity to stop time and melancholic because it can make for a great background track to your homesick emotions and melancholia.

Shatterhand: Shatterhand

Making alternative and pop rockers happy again by fusing elements of progressive rock, world music and alternative, Shatterhand is the brainchild of James Pink and Neil Mavor. With thubthumping drums, sweeping guitars reminiscent of a 70s guitar solo, and monotone vocals you would expect from an “alternative” band, Shatterhand doesn’t break boundaries. They do succeed, however, in covering the basics of what progressive and alternative music means.

Uniform Motion: Pictures

As you wait for your train on the platform, you look up and glance at the girl standing right across at the other side. She looks spaced, staring directly in your direction yet not seeing you. You stare a while longer and suddenly you’re overcome with an urge to talk to her.