As you wait for your train on the platform, you look up and glance at the girl standing right across at the other side. She looks spaced, staring directly in your direction yet not seeing you. You stare a while longer and suddenly you’re overcome with an urge to talk to her. Say hi. Maybe invite her for coffee or simply hold her hand. Instead of running to the stairs and race to the other side of the platform, you simply wait and look at her. The train comes, its doors open, it closes. She disappears with it.

Obviously, if this was your movie, you need a good soundtrack to go with that, Uniform Motion’s Pictures can help you out with that.

Nowadays, it’s rare to get excited when hearing a song for the first time, but whenever you do, your gut tells you that this song will be special. Uniform Motion can do that for you. They didn’t fail me, they could work wonders for you too. Their music takes that fleeting moment of an instant and freeze it into your mind, like a bad tattoo that doesn’t go away, despite laser surgery, in spite of denial and regret.

Aaahh-records have got themselves a keeper. Inspired by circumstances and events that “hit” them, the band echoes music along the lines of Deathcab for Cutie on their opener Earthly Diamonds while a hint of Elliot Smith peeks through in Selling Pictures. Naysayers might think it’s a little too close in sound to Seth Cohen’s favorite band, but I beg to differ.  Pictures create an undeniable image in your head of things that you should have done but never got around to doing or maybe you simply let the moment slip by your fingers. Something you should know better NOT TO DO when it comes to listening to this band.

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