(Stevie Wonder, Prince, Sade)

K. Sparks’ Diagnosis: Success

After having a successful run with his Trilogy mixtapes, K. Sparks is back with his latest project Diagnosis: Success. This time around, Sparks tackles and narrates his experiences in trying to achieve his dream of success. Filled with 17 tracks and quite a handful of guest appearances by producers as well as fellow rappers , the compilation is a real treat for hip hop lovers all over. The songs are fresh and carry that signature melodic rhythm with spot-on lyrics that the artist has excelled in for so long. Of course, there's a touch of something new as well. A great album that's perfect for welcoming both old fans and new fans to the fold.

Terius Nash aka The-Dream: 1977

Behind every superstar is an awesome songwriter/producer backing them up. Terius Nash also known as The-Dream is one of those people. One of the most sought-after writers and producer of today; he has helped create some of the most popular and memorable pop songs of the recent decade. Tracks like Rihanna's Umbrella, Mariah Carey's Touch my Body, and even Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) are among a long list of hit tracks he's helped write and produce. When he's not working with superstars, he's busy spinning his own tracks and this time, he's treating his fans to another free album; 1977. It's an 11 -track record that features Nash's smooth vocals, lovely melodies and impressively honest lyrics. Fans and new listeners are certainly in for a treat.

The Black Pawn: A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air is a hiphop compilation released by Pawn Structure Productions. Spearheaded by record producer and artist, The Black Pawn, the album compiles works by various artists under the indie hiphop netlabel. From main man, Hank McCoy to Sol Infinite and Epidemic; the album is peppered by talented underground/up-and-coming artists in the hip hop world. The album itself comes with 14 tracks that revolve around easy-listening, hip hop music. With likable beats and smooth rhythm, the album exudes a retro vibe throughout. It's a lot like listening to a 90s rap/hip hop record with a very slight modern twist.

StartYourOwnRebellion: LP3020

After years of oppression from Cozack Corporation, Start Your Own Rebellion (SYOR) has made it their business to warn us about the state of humanity in the future. Tired of having their freedom and self-expression quenched, the group are taking matters into their own hands. This might seem a bit cheesy and immediately classed by some people as a bad Gorillaz imitation, but virtual band, SYOR more than delivers. LP3020 is a powerful record incorporating elements of hip hop, alternative and electronica in one solid mixtape. Signed under J. Cole's label, Dreamville Records, SYOR are winning raves left and right for their massive effort. Join their rebellion by taking a listen.

Ray Sytes: Tote My Flag

Gracing the pages of our blog the second time around, hip hop and dancehall artist, Ray Sytes, is back with an exciting new mix. Tote My Flag has everything any hip hop lover will enjoy like mad beats, catchy hooks, great vibes and awesome mic skills courtesy of Sytes and company. Ray Sytes is a Guyanese born rapper/musician that is proud to showcase his heritage as well as his love for Brooklyn and Queens. With a colorful repertoire and collaborations with some of the best producers and rappers, including a song with multi-platinum artist, T-Pain, in his previous record; Sytes is definitely bent on making more than a ripple on this big sea of hip hop.

D’Lyfa Reilly: Sewing Seeds

Creating his own mark in the hip hop scene, D'Lyfa Reilly is a young rapper from Machester, UK. Heavily influenced by life and the various people surrounding him, the artist creates a mix of rap and trip hop sprinkled with moody beats and lyrics. D'Lyfa is also co-founder of Red IQ, a hip hop group out of Manchester. As a solo artist, you can expect plenty of laid-back beats, solid rhythms and trippy sounds all over his tracks. Most of it are pretty likable especially if you like British infused hip hop. Sewing Seeds is actually a compilation of tracks the artist recorded and released between 2009 and 2010.

Bryn Thomas: Feel For Bumps EP

Feel for Bumps is the fourth EP released under indie netlabel, Cut Records. This four track compilation circles around hip hop, drum & bass and dub beats. The mastermind behind this EP is none other than Bristol based producer, Bryn Thomas. His brand of music explores various elements of hip hop and electronica, creating a wonderful sonic experience. He carefully mixes these to generate a nice, laid-back menagerie of sounds. The album is available as a pay-for-what-you-want download on BandCamp. It's a refreshing piece that's perfect if you're looking for something to play on your chill house party or simply something to relax to.

Gina Thompson – Missing You

So let's start a day with just a little bit of R'n'B. Gina Thompson grew up in Vineland, NJ and began her career as a hip-hop artist in the 90's. Often compared to Faith Evans and the late Aaliyah, she released her debut album, Nobody Does It Better, with Mercury/PolyGram in 1996. The album featured appearances of Missy Elliot, Diddy, Craig Mack, with it's first single quickly becoming a success after climbing to number 41 on he Billboard Hot 100 and 12 on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles (with the entire album being certified Platinum by the RIAA soon after). Most of Thompson's work was released in the late 90s, however, there is one album, Missing You, that came out just two years ago, with a special digital version available under the Creative Commons license.