Feel for Bumps is the fourth EP released under indie netlabel, Cut Records. This four track compilation circles around hip hop, drum & bass and dub beats.

The mastermind behind this EP is none other than Bristol based producer, Bryn Thomas. His brand of music explores various elements of hip hop and electronica, creating a wonderful sonic experience. He carefully mixes these to generate a nice, laid-back menagerie of sounds.

The album is available as a pay-for-what-you-want download on BandCamp. It’s a refreshing piece that’s perfect if you’re looking for something to play on your chill house party or simply something to relax to. 

Even though the record is a bit short, you can get a great feel of  the artists’ skill. The songs in the album, as mentioned, dwell more on hip hop influenced beats. From soulful R&B rhythms to straight up dub with thumping bass lines; songs like Feel For Bumps And Grinds would become an easy favorite for hip hop lovers everywhere.

It’s not just this affinity to hip hop that makes this 4-track record a great compilation to chill to. Bryn also manages to titillate with his skillful mix of synths and samples. For instance, songs like Cruising for Toy Boys as well as Firing Blanks are both sexy and melodic.

Overall, the record definitely a great find. Cut Records states it best “this EP has four short excursions that despite being different in style, very much hang together through emotion, melody and above all, beauty and simplicity.”

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