After years of oppression from Cozack Corporation, Start Your Own Rebellion (SYOR) has made it their business to warn us about the state of humanity in the future. Tired of having their freedom and self-expression quenched, the group are taking matters into their own hands.
This might seem a bit cheesy and immediately classed by some people as a bad Gorillaz imitation, but virtual band SYOR more than delivers. LP3020 is a powerful record incorporating elements of hip hop, alternative and electronica in one solid mixtape.

Signed under J. Cole’s label, Dreamville Records, SYOR are winning raves left and right for their massive effort. Join their rebellion by taking a listen.

SYOR is a virtual band living in the world of 3020 CE. Creating music that’s in a completely new genre, the virtual crew skillfully conjures up their own brand of electronica infused hip hop. It’s a polished compilation that will make any fantasy music band lover proud.

Opening with what is essentially an SYOR manifesto, Start Your Own Rebellion features spoken words about the supposed state of the community in 3020. Encouraging people to think for themselves and act according to their choice and not blindly follow. The halfway mark of the song simply blows me away. The gravelly vocals and synths does it for me. Pretty cool opener, indeed.

It only gets better from here. From the moody R&B vocals of Crazy World to the chillout vibes of Live Like an Outlaw and onto the bonus tracks, Any City and Let It Go; the album is a pretty coherent mix that’s pretty hard to deny a download.

You can grab the album from the group’s website. It’s available for free. Also make sure to check out the group’s Youtube channel, they have tons of really cool videos. You’ll be glad you won’t have to wait until 3020 to get your hands on this cool record.

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